Now what? How do customers download it? What is the next step? Who do I market the app to? How do I get the maximum rate of return on this new investment?

In the following 5 steps below we will address these questions and provide you with the information you need to market your app effectively.

Step 1.)  The Launching of Your App

- QR Codes: These are square pieces of information that customers scan using their smart phones or tablets. Once scanned, the QR Code links the customer’s mobile device to the corresponding page & they download your app. This feature is easy & effective, every business should print QR Codes on brochures, menus, banners, posters or any other flat surface so the customer can quickly scan & receive your app.

- Your Website: Simply place a QR code on your homepage. Wright a short paragraph informing viewers of your new app.

- Radio, Discount coupons, Customer Receipts, Phone Books, Magazine/News Paper Articles, Events: Using QR Codes on all printed materials. Written or verbal statement for all other media outlets informing the public about your app & the benefits of having it downloaded on their personal mobile device.

- Email Blast: Send out email blast to all of your customers you have in your contact list & include your QR Code so they can simply scan &  download your app.

- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging & other social media outlets: Free and easy for you to simply announce you have an app with a tweet or blog. Post a QR code on these social media outlets.

- Your Employees: Your employees are one of the most important resources for marketing your app.  They should be promoting and informing customers of your new 21st century technology that your business has invested in. They too need to be educated with the 5 steps to marketing your mobile app. They need to understand the value of your app and why it will benefit them too. Ultimately, the employee will make more money when the business is making more money.

Step 2.) In-App-Advertising (can help cover the cost of your app)

This feature has the potential to pay for your app! Yes, I am serious. If you found 10 vendors/businesses to pay you only $15 per month to advertise on your app, this amount should cover most if not all your app cost.  How many businesses do you know that might like an affordable avenue to advertise?  If they have their own app, great! You can trade & both of your businesses can have a banner advertisement on each of your apps. Depending on the app developer, the advertisement could be 320 x 50 pixel banner on the bottom of your app launch set screen that rotates to the next advertisement every 15 seconds. When a customer touches the in-app-advertisement the app will link them to the business website or info page. There is no limit, you can charge the business to advertise on your app as much as you want.

Step 3.) Informative

Information is POWER!  Your customers want to find what they are searching for quickly and with ease. This is one major reason they downloaded your app in the first place. Your app should be linked to your website (hybrid app) or the app should contain all the information (native app) a customer needs to conduct business with you. Keep up to date info and relative useful information for the customer to view. Inform customers of new products, specials, promotions news & events. Your app should have all the major social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, youTube, Linkedin, Blog, Pinterest) integrated into your apps launch set (main/home) page.

Step 4.) Utility/Tools & Features

You should integrate a Utility into your app launch set buttons. Meaning,  you want to have  “Tools” that people can use that keeps them coming back to your app. Example: A simple trivia game, weather info, mapping, shopping, gift card, donate, purchase, events or news features that the customer use multiple times. These features should be related to your business and can have other integrated links as well. Please Note: Your app must have some kind of utility function in order to get approved by Apple for the  i-phone, i-pad and i-pod platforms.

Step 5.) ‘Push’ Messaging (permission based, opt in to receive messages)

In my opinion, this function is the most important marketing feature your smart interactive mobile app has to offer. This feature allows your business to interact with your customers. You can now reach out and touch your customers any time anywhere. Most customers carry their mobile phones with them everywhere and check them often. When sending a ‘Push’ message you are 99% sure they view your advertisement (no other form of advertising has this percentage of viewing) informing them of a sale, promotion, coupon, discounts, news or events related to your business.

After a customer has downloaded your app a prompt appears on the mobile device’s screen asking permission for the app owner (your business) to send them ‘Push Messages’. They can choose to decline or accept your invitation, most if not all customers choose to accept (opt-in). This is “permission based” advertising and the customer expects to be kept up to date & informed by your business.

‘Push’ messaging is a short communication similar to a text message you create and send out to everyone who has downloaded your app. Most app developers allow up to one ‘Push’ message a day, but I would have to advise you to be very careful with over extending your welcome on some one’s personal mobile device. Depending on what type of business you are running I would suggest no more than two ‘Push’ messages per week, any more than that & you will run the risk of pushing your customers away and they will be deleting your app. Remember your customers have downloaded your business onto their personal mobile device wanting to be kept up to date and informed. They have spent money & time at your business and want to feel they are appreciated by you the business owner.

Also, know your market! Who are the 20% of your customers that make you 80% of your income? Of course, the answer is your repeat customers! The # 1 goal is to make your app easy & available for all your current customers to download and “share” it with others (grow your business virally).  You simply cannot have an app developed for your business and expect it to do all of the marketing for you.

Unlike websites that just sit there and wait for viewers, an interactive smart mobile app allows you to reach out and touch your customers.

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